We play at the frontier – that’s our passion and our edge.

Our CATALYSTFX contributors, drawn from diverse disciplines and industries, reframe complex issues or opportunities and help organisations identify clear pathways to implementation. Our approach is collaborative, imaginative and highly effective.


Work on 'wicked' problems is often driven by problem-solvers with a solution bias.

It involves smart people but not necessarily the right people (those who can imagine new possibilities and have a track record of shaping and delivering them).

Problem-solving has limited value in complex or emergent situations.

Worse, it can entrench the status quo. We use sensemaking and business smarts to produce novel alternatives. We challenge groupthink and liberate organisations and institutions that are stuck. By bringing new perspectives, we give you exciting options to test and implement.

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Watching Catalysts at work is like witnessing alchemy at play. You can’t put your finger on what sets them apart, but the ripple impact of the value they generate is incredible. It brings a new level of thinking to complex issues and lifts everyone around them in the process.

– Mykel Dixon, awardwinning speaker, musician, creativity adviser and author, Everyday Creative

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