The Catalyst Network supports and connects change agents who think differently about complex issues.

As individuals, Catalysts create immense value. Together, we’re a potent force for good.

Established in 2014 as an ongoing experiment, The Catalyst Network is a community of curious, high-impact individuals from different industries and sectors who come together regularly to share insights and work on complex business and societal issues. Membership is by invitation. The hybrid program is designed to facilitate dialogue and breakthrough thinking on topics of value to Catalysts in our work such as new leadership frameworks, disruptive business and funding models and novel approaches to solving systemic issues. To ensure rigour and spark new connections, we regularly feature global thinkers and specialists from across our international networks.

The secret ingredient – the one we all know we need, and too often neglect – is having time and space to actually think. And not only to think, but to think together with other people who can help us make sense of all we encounter in this complex and fast-changing world. The Catalyst Network has provided me that space over recent years and gives me a professional edge to explore and achieve things that the traditional pathways have never opened up for me.

– Pete Cohen, musician and consultant