Organisations spend massive amounts of time and money solving the wrong problems.

Most use ineffective tools and techniques that cost a lot and don’t deliver what’s promised. Mission-critical issues are often shelved because of internal politics or a failure to connect the dots. In the end, harried decision-makers choose safe and expedient over imaginative and effective.

Beneath the surface, underlying issues lie in wait for the next pandemic or economic shock.

We do it differently.

The CATALYSTFX approach is designed to fight entrenched tendencies to maintain the status quo.

For each assignment we curate a group of sophisticated individuals with specialist depth and cross-industry breadth to challenge groupthink and scope the true nature of the problem or opportunity. Catalysts have a collective ability to identify novel ways to unlock trapped value across different domains. For this reason, one assignment can often address multiple interconnected issues. Benefits can be long-lasting because they deal with root causes.

It may be simple but it’s not easy.

– Peter Senge, leadership specialist and author, The Fifth Discipline

The CATALYSTFX framework

Typical CATALYSTFX benefits and outcomes

  • Organisational traction through pursuit of viable options
  • Staff buy-in through our collaborative processes
  • Confidence to move rapidly through the test-and-implement phases
  • An enriched talent pool through identification of your internal Catalysts

The greatest shapers don’t stop at introducing originality into the world. They create cultures that unleash originality in others.

– Adam Grant, Professor of Management and Psychology, Wharton, and author, Originals: How Non-conformists Move the World