What a CATALYSTFX team does

  • Help you define your high-value problem/opportunity
  • Identify multiple pathways to deliver value
  • Develop design principles to guide your decision-making
  • Provide specialist resources to support implementation (optional)

What a CATALYSTFX team doesn't do

  • Prototype and test potential solutions
  • Develop proof of concept for a new model, approach, product, policy or service
  • Implement solutions

Put smart, passionate people in a room together, charge them with identifying and solving problems, and encourage them to be candid with one another… In many ways it is no different to any other group of creative people – within it you will find humility and ego, openness and generosity. It varies in size and purpose, depending on what it has been called upon to examine. But always, its essential element is candor.

– Ed Catmull, Pixar President and author, Creativity Inc


CATALYSTFX coaching programs support individuals and teams with some understanding of complex systems, intellectual curiosity, personal courage and the potential to achieve positive impact across multiple domains.

We help coaching clients envision, mobilise and lead significant change, navigate complex systems, influence at senior levels and create and sustain diverse coalitions. Our coaching draws on leading management and leadership research, adult development theory and transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, creativity and design, systems thinking, complexity science and other disciplines.

To go higher, we need to go deeper.

– Robert J Anderson, Founder, The Leadership Circle


Our CATALYSTFX research capability equips leaders to make robust decisions about emerging developments in complex, fast-changing environments.

Clients benefit from our curiosity, intellectual rigour, understanding of global trends and deep, multi-faceted experience. We focus on what’s coming over the horizon, the implications for the business or enterprise and what’s required for leaders and organisations to successfully adapt. We’re interested in convergent frontiers such as immersive technologies and training, new work and welfare models, alternative government delivery mechanisms and community resilience strategy.